Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mecha WIP


step 2: fixing little here and there just trying to tie it together as best as I can without losing too much of the composition.

Step 3: Color and more fixes. I decided to change the male costume to the same style of those of the female. Right now I'm struggling with how to squeeze in some mechanics into the background robot, and thinking about where to start the final rendering stage.

Step 4: Cleaning up background.
Personally, I like step 3's background better. I think the perspective work I put into this one, threw off the composition. But, out of curiousity I'm going to try to finish this off the way it is and if it's really bad, fix the background.

Step 5: Beginning to add in the foreground. Tightened up the male figure and added the face. I kept the background, but moved and transformed some of the element of it to help tighten up the composition.
Now for the really tricky part, drawing/painting the centerpiece, the female.

Step 6: Disaster
I cleaned clear and made things look too anime. I even tried to outline it. I think by adding the face in, instead of sticking with the original masked face, it ruined the mystery of the piece. I will go back to step four and rework that one tomorrow.

Step 7: Fixes
I stuck more to the original Sketch. happier with it now. But still gotta do some touch up, color, and add some textures.

Step 8: Done
I'm sure if I look at this with a clean set of eyes there would be something wrong. But it is what it is, so I take whatever I got and be happy for now.


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